Skewers Mediterranean Grille



Served with house salad (Upgrade to any garden salad 2.25)


Kafta Be Tahini Fire-grilled ground sirloin blended with fresh herbs, layered atop grilled pita chips, topped with tahini sauce and roasted pine nuts; served with jasmine rice


Kafta Syrian Fire-grilled ground sirloin blended with fresh herbs, topped with sliced red onion, parsley, sumac and tomato; served with humus


Mjadara Brown lentils and rice tossed with sautéed onions in EVOO, served with seasonal vegetables and Armenian salad


Kibbeh Finely ground sirloin and bulgur wheat shell, encasing sautéed ground sirloin, onions and pine nuts; served with rice, baba ghanouj and house-made yogurt


Stuffed Grapeleaves Choice of sirloin or vegetarian stuffed grape leaves with house-made yogurt, humus, tabbouleh and jasmine rice


Mousakhan Charbroiled half chicken, smothered in sumac-enhanced sautéed onions; served with jasmine rice and grilled Greek pita


Vegetarian Combination Humus, tabbouleh, baba ghanouj, falafel and marinated olives


Butterfly Combination Humus, tabbouleh, sirloin grape leaves, kafta and garlic chicken over jasmine rice

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